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Another belated update - I’m bad at this.

In a surprise to absolutely anyone, being a parent is hard. Pretty much all of my free time is spent looking after the little dude, doing chores or supporting Kerry. It is tough not having much downtime, having barely any sleep and constantly feeling like I’m a failure or just otherwise not good enough at being a dad, but I keep on keeping on.

I’d not trade the little dude for anything though, all the sacrifices are worth it.

So that’s why I haven’t been keeping this up to date as much as I’d like. I just never seem to have time. The only reason I’m updating it now is the fact Teddy woke me up crying in his sleep at 1am and my hayfever has conspired with his cries to prevent me from going back to sleep. It’s gonna be a long day today, but at least I got something done!

The last 6 months have flown past. In all that time we’ve had (and are still experiencing) the whole global pandemic shenanigans, we’ve moved house again (in part due to the pandemic) and despite my whinging above, I have managed to enter a TTRPG adventure-writing contest (I didn’t win, sadly, though I got some lovely feedback) and then went on to publish it.

The fitness regime has taken a knock due to the aforementioned tiredness and wanting to avoid the plague, trying to extract any value out of the flat I joint-own with my ex-wife is still slowly ongoing (her continued dragging of her heels makes the entire process laboriously slow), and the general toll of stress and isolation due to all of the above is starting to feel noticeable. But over all, we’re in a pretty good place in our lives right now.

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