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So… I’m pretty unfit and basically have never done any exercise in my life. I’m not exactly one for New Years Resolutions, but I’ve decided to try and do better starting now. With that in mind, I’m trying to be data-driven about it so I can actually see real evidence of improvements rather than anecdotal evidence or imagined ‘I feel healthier’ nonsense. To facilitate this I bought myself a FitBit Charge 3 SE and got some running shoes so I can start running. Why running? Because it’s a relatively low barrier to entry - I don’t need a gym or multiple kinds of equipment, I can do it basically anywhere, at any time, and there are some nice programs out there for tracking and measuring running, as well as schemes for training. I’m currently doing the Couch to 5k program, though after my first attempt at the first one of the first week, I couldn’t finish it, making it about half way through the first session, so I guess I need a Couch to Couch to 5k program :D I’m not disheartened though, this was fully expected, as I know I’m not very fit right now. I’ll just have to keep trying until I can pull off a full session.

My goals for this fitness is basically to not feel tired all the time. With Teddy to look after, I’d like to be able to not feel exhausted as often and being in better health in general should help with that. I also want to lose weight. While I don’t feel particularly overweight my BMI says differently, and while I’m somewhat skeptical that my BMI means I’m in some terrible state, I know losing weight will help me with my snoring, which has been a concern of Kerry’s (and frankly she’ll be grateful not to be sleeping to what sounds like a bulldozer drowning in mucus). I also just want to be able to be more active so I’ll be able to do more physical activities with Teddy as he gets older. I don’t want to be that sickly nerd dad on the sidelines that can never join in, or worse give him a reason not to be physically active.

I’m liking the FitBit software and stats tracking, and I’m syncing it into Google Fit using FitToFit. Sadly there isn’t a nice (free) dashboard that uses Google Fit data (or I haven’t found one yet) so I may have to look at making one. The app is okay, but I’d like some better visualisations to track my progress.

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