Introducing Teddy...

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Edward 'Teddy' Montgomery

So just over a month ago my son was born! It has been quite a journey and I have never been more tired in my life.

The pregnancy wasn’t the easiest in the world, a few scares throughout and threats of early induction, and then when it came to the day everything happened very quickly and very suddenly and with such a quick labour, we were left a bit shell-shocked.

Now, a month has gone by and after a few more scares due to not being doctors and/or being new parents and just not knowing what things are and aren’t cause for concern, we’re here. But the first few days, geez, they were hell! With him wanting a feed every 25 mins or sdo, we basically didn’t sleep for 2 days and now, while he generally sleeps longer between feeds, he still wakes us up 4 or so times a night and we are exhausted all the time as a result.

Still, despite the complaints, I wouldn’t change anything. He’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

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