6+ Month Update

3 minutes

I’ve gotten really bad at keeping this updated again. Life has been very busy. In the last 6 months I’ve moved house, began working from home full time, been counting the days until our baby arrives (that’s right, we’re having a baby!) and recently, proposed to my lovely partner Kerry.

So I’m now living in Chichester, which is a lovely place. It’s not such a busy place as a big city like Southampton, and has a lot of ‘old town’ charm to it, whilst still having a lot of big city amenities. I’m liking it here a lot. Also the amount of takeout and restaurants available to us here is extremely dangerous, compared to the mere 5 or so options we had in the old place.

To make living a 1 hour drive away easier, and so I can actually be around my baby while he is growing up, I’m working from home full time now. I’ve done a few stints of working from home before, but so far I’m finding it pretty good, if not better than working in the office. Less distractions, easier to focus, less tiredness from commutes. Sometimes lacking the immediacy of being to just grab someone and talk to them is a pain, but for the most part, Slack makes up that.


So almost straight after we’d signed and sent the forms off for IVF treatment, Kerry and I conceived naturally and we’re having a baby! As of writing, it’s less than a month to go before he is born. We had originally decided not to find out the gender, but Kerry is terrible with surprises so that lasted all of 3 days. We’re really excited to meet him and already have a name chosen (Edward John, but we’re calling him “Teddy” for short). It’s not been a smooth pregnancy and we’ve had a couple of scares, but so far nothing too serious or scary. Still it’s been pretty stressful and tough on me and Kerry, but the end is in sight now!

I’ve begun reconnecting with my family, given I have a bunch living in Sussex and have met up with a few. It’s a classic trait of my family (especially the males) not to really speak to each other unless we have something we particularly feel needs saying, which has resulted in me basically not talking to anyone for years. Trying to make more of an effort now so that Teddy can actually have some other family in his life.

Speaking of connecting with others, we’ve done all our antenatal courses and have a group of friends through our NCT course. It was nice to have that group/social aspect and to build some bonds that way. Hopefully we’ll stay in touch now the course is over and our children can know each other.

On the whole, life is pretty good right now. Just need to clear off some debts and hopefully get things sorted with the ex-wife, who is continuing to be a massive pain by ignoring me and dragging her heels with any request.

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