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I’m on holiday! Wooooooo! Though I’m home alone for two weeks (discounting Bonnie, of course) because my other half is off on a cruise with her family for 2 weeks.

Staying at home holidays are probably my favourite kind though, because they are:

  • Super low stress - no planning, no packing
  • Free - no worrying about costs
  • Minimal responsibilities - it’s just being at home, but without having to go to work

Bonnie and I are just chilling out watching TV and playing boardgames (well, Bonnie is more attempting ot eat them, than play them), but I’m hoping to use some of the free time to work on some of my various projects. Whether that pans out or not is another matter, but I’m not going to stress about it. I just want to chill and enjoy not having to do anything.

So what is on my plate at the moment?

I’m going to be playing in a game of 7th Sea, somethign I’m really looking forward to. I’ve not played an RPG in a while, so it’s nice to be on the other side of the GMs screen.

I’m trying to teach myself mapping, with an aim to do basic adventure writing or maybe hexcrawl-y world building stuff that I can share up on patreon or something. Mostly it’s just a skill I’d like to learn, so I’ve grabbed a copy of Wonderdraft and I’m going to practice until I’m not completely awful.

I’d like to actually finish a small game project, so I’m finally going to try and work through the various Unity tutorials I have access to. They are all unfortunately tedious video tutorials, a method of learning I despise and find very hard to learn from, but what can you do? Maybe I can synthesise my own tutorial from what I learn eventually so I can create something that teaches in the way I like to learn.

I have various roleplaying game projects I really should finish (or at least, finish enough to start playtesting and iterating on)

Personal Stuff

In an effort to better my mental health, I’m generally trying to be more positive. While I’m a natural pessimist and that is unlikely to change, I’m trying to adhere to celebrating positivity instead of dumping on negativity. Basically celebrating things I like instead of complaining about things I don’t like. Not everyone likes everything and that is fine, but what isn’t fine is telling people they are wrong for liking a thing just because you don’t like the thing. Nor is just ranting about things. Rather than complaining about how the world contains things you don’t like, instead focus on adding things you like to the world. At least, that’s the plan. I’m not judging myself too harshly about sticking to it, but the attempt is generally improving my ability to be happy.

I’m also trying out mood tracking and mindfulness stuff. I’m using an app on my phone to track my mood and run through mindfulness exercises, and despite my usual cynicism for these kinds of things, I think on the whole it’s having a positive effect.

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