It's Been a While

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I’ve been super busy these last few months. Work has been crazy hectic with all the cool new tech I’ve been building.

Roleplaying has switched to Blades in the Dark on the Chambers of Roleplay Twitch channel and thats been going pretty well.

Lots of Kickstarters from time forgotten have showed up and started filling my shelves.

I’ve started to shift away from VSCode as my editor of choice at work to using IntelliJ. I thought I was sworn off IDEs forever, but IntelliJ is really selling me on it with all it’s features. In other shocking news for my work environemnt, I’m actually using it natively under Windows and not running the linux version via WSL. The insanity of my setup is slowly being replaced with more native-Windows stuff and it is just my shell I use via WSL.

I decided to try my hand at a gamejam this year, but failed to meet the deadline (once again, too busy so a scraped about 12 hours out of a month to work on it and just didn’t get very far). It’s unfinished state is up on github but the gist of it was a terminal-based RPG using an Apocalypse World game I’d played in as the basis of the setting and story. Too ambitious for my first gamejam really, but fun and educational none-the-less. I’d used Go for it, and the termbox-go library for all the heavy lifting of actual terminal rendering.

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