A Month in Review

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It’s been a month since my last confession.

It’s been a busy, busy month. I mean every month is busy, but this last one has seemed especially so.

Biggest news was Unity announcing and demo-ing the tech I’ve been building at Multiplay during their keynote at Unite Berlin. Was pretty cool knowing thousands of people were seeing stuff I’d built in action :D. Lots of cool toys for scaling into the cloud on demand and providing valuable feedback to developers that are testing their connected game server code.

I now have the dubious honour of being able to say I have attended a Taylor Swift concert. I went up to Wembley with Kerry and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the concert (Taylor Swift is not my thing, and also the acoustics were awful so for someone unfamiliar with her work, not being able to understand most words sung/spoken didn’t help matters), I did very much enjoy School of Rock: The Musical we saw the next day.

Stress has been high as usual, making life a bit of a struggle, especially when my depression sets in. Some days have been battles to continually distract myself from bad thoughts, others have just been sad, down days, but on the whole I’ve come out on top, even if the strain of it has made me a bit irritable sometimes.

Post-divorce assets division mess continues due to a lack of co-operation from the ex. I’m just fed up with it now.

Managed to sort a large chunk of debts out by consolidating it all into a single low-interest loan, reducing my monthly outgoings on debt by about 80%, which has been a nice relief.

Been playing a lot of Stellaris recently, and actually getting better at it. I’m still not amazing, but I can win most games on default settings now, or at least survive until an end game crisis screws me up by spawning right in the middle of my empire…

Finally got to play No Honor Among Thieves and Lords of Waterdeep recently. Both of them were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed them (so much so, I bought myself a copy of Lords of Waterdeep and its expansion almost immediately after playing it!).

After getting fed up with my ASUS router occasionally gumming up and refusing new connections, I replaced it with a pair of Google WiFi mesh routers. Took a while to setup as I needed to change my modem back to modem-router mode (it was in pure modem mode and the Google WiFi had issues trying to establish PPPoE through it). I was impressed with their support, I got through almost immediately and they offered to phone me back when I needed to call my ISP (and then they actually did). Turns out I solved the issue myself, but knowing they are there when I need them is useful. The phone app makes adminning the network a breeze and I’m quite impressed with how easy the setup is to use (which for what it cost, it should be).

Since Sennheiser were doing a 50% off deal on their Momentum gear, I bought myself a pair of Momentum Wireless headphones. They are so nice, especially compared to the Steelseries Siberias I had before. The noise cancelling is excellent and makes life at work much better, where the environment can get quite noisy due to the extremely loud aircon units right above me. Sound quality is excellent too, though I’m hardly an audiophile so I really can’t comment in any depth beyond “I think they sound pretty good”. Struggled a bit pairing them with a Creative BT-W2 I bought for my home PC, but that was me not understanding/reading the instructions properly.

Adventures with WSL have been ongoing. While I’m pretty happy with my setup at work now, I do still suffer from annoying issues due to the way WSLs filesystem layer works whic causes all manner of weird, hard to debug problems (like files randomly being chmoded to 0000, becoming randomly inaccessible regardless of ownership/permission, and symlinks not working right when created by VMs that have the filesystem shared via virtualbox folder syncing). Luckily, I’m getting better at spotting these issues and they are generally less frequent now (mostly due to me running as much natively in WSL now as I can, instead of running stuff inside a linux VM spawned from WSL via vagrant).

Roleplaying games have been sorely lacking recently. Between being too tired and busy to attend and groups, the only game I have is the Numenera game I am running on Twitch for Chambers of Roleplay. That game has been going fairly well. We’ve had some ups and downs (including an awful intra-party fight that made no real sense) and a bit of a flaky attendance records thus far. Still, we’ve also had some excellent moments, including the PCs being reverse-birthed into “brain spiders” and getting into an epic dance-off and making a permanent “dance nemesis”. It’s a fun game and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Hopefully I’ll be running an in-person Numenera from my home soon, though now that Invisible Sun is almost here, I’m really gunning to run that. Given how much stuff there is to Invisible Suns Black Cube, I really don’t want it to be sitting on my shelf unplayed for over a year like some of my games…

Writing and work on my own projects has mostly stalled this last month on account of depression, being busy and generally life just getting in the way. I feel bad, but also I can’t be bothered to beat myself up too much about it. I’m not getting paid for it after all, so no-one should be relying on my output unless they are fools - I don’t mind writing stuff I enjoy for free, but meeting deadlines or making guarantees about delivery I only do for money.

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