Linux on Windows: The Saga Continues

2 minutes

Some Key Issues

So, as it turns out, getting terminals to work just right was more pain than expected.

The main issue I faced was the fact that ssh-agent just failed. I could never do key forwarding because as soon as I connected to another machine, the socket to ssh-agent would just break.

However, I discovered weasel-pageant, an app that allows you to use the PuTTY key manager Pageant to manage your keys in Windows, and act as ssh-agent within WSL.

I don’t particularly like or want to use PuTTY, but I can live with just the key management. Sadly though I have to load the keys in every login manually because it requires my key passwords.

I still occasionally have some issues where it seems like weasel-pageant just goes away, but at least when I run it again it connects to the persistant pageant running in Windows and therefore doesn’t need me to re-enter all my key passwords. I may alias ssh to automatically run it, since it nicely reusing existing sessions if it is already running instead of spawning a duplicate process.


I had to drop bug.n in the end. At work, I use 2 monitors + the laptop screen, and the laptop is 4k compared to my 1920x1200 monitors. The difference in res and DPI seemed to cause me all sorts of weird issues, such as bug.n deciding to just force hide a bunch of windows on all desktops and never allowing them to be restored, effectively making some things impossible to use. Rather than struggle with it, I ended up just getting used to the built-in virtual desktop system in Windows 10, which is actually pretty good. I may investigate other Window management assistance tools, like Divvy or something in future, but for now I’m doing without.

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