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The last few months have been full of games. I’ve been playing RPGs, board games and video games a lot after a bit of a step back, due to work, being busy or scheduling conflicts, but now I’m back in the game, so to speak.


I’ve been playing Masks: A New Generation recently and the game is starting to wrap up. We’ve been playing an all-girl super team, where my character is a spin on the Newborn playbook (a constructed/artificial super-being struggling with personhood). Organism 46-Z is a squid, based on the Organism 46-B hoax. She projects herself a human body with hard-light projection and has a hard time understanding humans. She recently decided to confront and disobey the super-hero government oversight division, AEGIS after getting fed up with them and shes been having an awkward, weird romance with a 2ft tall alien girl, who is one of the other player characters.

I’ve also been playing a Blades in the Dark game in real life that has been a lot of fun. Joined a crew Bravos as a Tycherosi Slide with a strange compulsion to collect weird and otherworldly artifacts. Been building an ever increasingly unstable house of cards of deceit with our allies to get us into a position where we can raid the Crows headquarters and plunder it to our hearts content. Made some powerful friends, some powerful enemies. The last mission ended up with us almost defeating a demon, who’d we’d previously worked with in order to secure a disguise that landed us the ally we’d leveraged to get in with the target for that score. Yes, and this isn’t even the most complicated thing that is going on. It’s all going to end terribly, and I’m loving it!


I’ve managed to play a few boardgames recently, namely Caverna, Arkham Horror, Epic Spell War of the Battle Wizards, Rhino Hero, Potion Explosion, Sub Terra, Codenames and Secret Hitler which I’ve owned for ages and only just got around to playing for the first time recently.

I’m really enjoying Caverna. It takes a little to setup, though I’ve mitigated that by buying a nice box organiser. The game has a lot of moving parts and the organiser has made it super easy to just get started instead of dealing with tons of bags of resources or tiles. It’s definitely one of those games I’m going to enjoy for a long time and ticks a lot of my boxes for what a fun game needs to do.

Arkham is another ‘big’ game that takes ages. I’ve still not actually played a game that we finished. We’ve always declared a game won or lost after a time limit or if it looks pretty clear what the outcome will be. It’s fun when it’s flowing well, but it’s very labourious when it’s not. I might play it solo a few times as I have a feeling I might actually enjoy it more as a solitare game.

Sub Terra has been absolutely fantastic every time I’ve played it. Alway feel on the edge of your seat as the deck counts down to your doom and the lost, sprawling tile exploration really ramps up the tension as you have no idea when everythign will go wrong. Throughly enjoyed playing the base game so looking forward to trying out the expansions.

After finally getting to play Secret Hitler for the first time, I really enjoyed it. For the record, I am terrible at hidden information games, and at lying, and at telling when other people are lying, so you might think I’d hate it. However, I still find it interesting and exciting to play. I enjoy witnessing and being a part of mindgames, even though I’m terrible at them myself.

Video Games

Not been playing a lot of these lately. Still casually playing Hearthstone when bored, but recently been getting back into Stellaris. I historically am awful at it, but after some practice and trying some different play styles, I’ve been doing pretty well.

I’m really looking forward to the next patch which completely overhauls so many game mechanics I think needed some love, so hoping I don’t have to relearn everything I just got good at from scratch!

Kerry also bought me World of Final Fantasy. It like a bizarre mix of Pokemon and Final Fantasy, but I’m enjoying it as a more casual game compared to the more intense story RPGs I’m tend to like from the series.

Also played a lot of Super Impossible Road which I love so much. It’s like Mario Kart Rainbow road bullshit on steroids.

Not Actually Games, per se

Game-related but that actually to the playing of them - I now work for Unity, yes, that Unity. Multiplay got acquired by them and so now I get to work on all the cool game hosting tech I was before, but with the backing of a giant game development company. Hopefully the stuff I’m working on can help make it even easy for game devs to work on multiplayer titles. Looking forward seeing what the future holds!

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