Happy New Year

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So a belated Happy New Year to you all.

New Years was great. Kerry and I went to a LAN/boardgame event and basically hung out and played games for 3 days. Two games stood out over that extended weekend.


I recently bought Caverna but had only played it once (and incorrectly at that), but I managed to get two games in during the event - one 3 player and one 2 player.

I must say, I throughly enjoy the game and its been interesting playing different strategies. The game is about running a dwarven farm and cave for a small family of dwarves. You clear forest to make farmland to grow crops and raise animals, and in the cave you build new rooms for dwarves, special bonuses and features and mines for ore and rubies. The game is played in a few phases across several rounds in typical worker placement style fare.

The first game I went full focus on mines and rubies, and the second I focused on a mix of bonuses from stone collection and animal farming. The game feels pretty fresh every time I’ve played it so far and I’ve enjoyed it so much I ended up buying a custom box organiser for it to organise the plethora of game pieces is has, as a million plastic baggies was just not cutting it.

Pretty pleased with it and I can already see it making future games easier now that there isn’t a giant pile of bags to search through for things.

Super Impossible Road

I’d seen this a while ago and snapped it up, and introduced it to some friends at the LAN. The game can be summed up as “bullshitting your way to success”, or as their own tagline puts it “cheating is winning”. In Super Impossible Road, you play spheres racing down a procedurally generated track, in space. At any point you can drive off the track to try and land further down the course (and thus closer to the finish line). However, if you don’t touch the track again for over 5 seconds, you get reset back to your last check point.

Playing this on local 4 player split-screen is hilarious and full of shouting at each others audacity and failure. My the end of the LAN, some of us were perfecting the insane levels of bullshit we were willing to pull off, skipping most of the track in a single go by clipping the edges of it as you fell downwards to keep resetting the 5 second timer whislt continuing to fall. High risk, because with no checkpoints, a single fuckup would reset you right back to the start, but man, that rush when you pull off some insane levels of BS. Such a simple concept but such a fun local multiplayer game. Definitely would benefit from being played on a projector or other large screen.

Other stuff

I made use of the PS4’s Remote Play functionality for the first time whilst at LAN. I was really taken aback by how well the whole thing just worked and I could play World of Final Fantasy pretty much flawlessly on my home PS4, remotely over the internet at LAN.

The house is basically finished downstairs now. Will probably set up some more storage and perhaps a workstation upstairs for crafts, or possibly a VR room or something if I ever have the money to burn on such frivolities. At leats now though I have a proper table and chairs, so I can fit up to 8 or so people around a table in the game room where my computer resides for board games and RPGs now. Looking forward to putting it through its paces today for some Arkham Horror and/or other things.

Speaking of RPGs, finally returned to the Millennium Falcons: the Southampton Guild of Roleplayers after a lkong hiatus. Managed to get into a Blades in the Dark game, which I’m super excited about as I’d basically only ever been a player for maybe one session before then. This time I played a Slide, Vaurin Welker, a Tycherosi with a penchant for weird artifacts and experimentation. Joining a team of Bravos with a reputation for a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence was fun, the ghost I’d promised to job for to steal the Crows stash started off well - with us making the Crows a new enemy in the form of Ulf Ironborn, by pretending to be them and thoroughly insulting his pride in his own base. The plan did end up with one person taking trauma and everyone else right on the limit of their stress, but that’s just how you know you’re doing Blades right ;)

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