RPGaDay #31

1 minute


Day #31’s question was “What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?”

Hmm… I would love to say the publication of one or more of the projects I’m currently working on, but in reality I’m not convinced I’ll actually have anything completed by end of 2018.

As for other projects by other people, there are a couple of things I’ve kickstarted I’ve yet to play or even receive copies of yet as they aren’t finished, and getting those will be exciting.

The new Numenera 2: Destiny book excites me. As does the Fragged Kingdom book. The angling towards world building and base creation and management in some new games (such a thing exists already in stuff like Mutant: Year Zero and even in Blades in the Dark to an extent) is something that excites me, especially for long-term campaigns or ‘West Marches’ style games. Looking forward to seeing more developments in this area next year, and hopefully some games!

And thus ends this years RPGaDay. It’s been fun!

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