RPGaDay #27, #28, #29

2 minutes


Another busy weekend (bank holiday, woo!), so here are all 3 days combined.

Day #27’s question was “What are your essential tools for good gaming?”

Not really tools, per se, but really the only essential thing is a good imagination. This applies both to the GM and the players. You can make do without dice, without character sheets or grids or any of that other gumph, but without imagination, an RPG may as well just be a deterministic set of operations, like running a computer program, doing a sum or playing a board game. This isn’t to say those things can’t be fun, but they aren’t the same kind of fun that RPGs bring to the table.

As an improv GM, I’ll often run with nothing. No dice, no books, just my brain. Some systems facilitate this, others make it hard without a lot of memorisation, but for the games I like to play and run, running entirely from my own imagination on the fly works just fine. Without that, I’d probably not play RPGs at all.

Day #28’s question was “What film/series is the biggest source of quotes in your group?”

I can’t really pin-point any one thing that stands out. Sure there are a lot of Monty Python references, Terminator probably comes up a few times, etc etc but really the things I remember most or the puns, that the source material from which they derive (if any).

It’s different for different games and different players. I don’t really have a fixed group at the moment, so I couldn’t say for sure.

Day #29’s question is “What has been the best-run RPG kickstarter you have backed?”

This is a hard one. I’ve backed A LOT of things on kickstarter, so even remembering what options I have to consider is a difficult thing for this question. Possibly the Worlds of the Cypher System kickstarter by Monte Cooke Games. That was run very well (their team certainly have a knack for kickstarter, hell, they even wrote a book about it).

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