RPGaDay #26

2 minutes


Day #26’s question was “What RPG provides the best resources?”

This is a really hard question. In many ways it really depends on how you define “resources”. In my case, I’m going to go down the route of tools, content and advice.

Based on the above criteria, I think the answer has to be Blades in the Dark. Being somewhat PbtA-ish, the game stright up packages most everything a character needs into playbooks. The playbooks are extremely well designed and make it super easy to nkow at a glance what you can do, what is available for you to do later as you advance and what equipment you have available.

The game comes with a map of the city and its districts, lists of names, places, buildings, rumours, events, factions, vice purveyors, streets, items, props, attributes and quirks for people… just tons and tons of content to make running stuff on the fly or planning things that feel canonical really easy. Many of them have suggestions for use or simple systems for randomly generating combinations.

The whole game is full of little tools and collections of content like this, both baked into the actual playbooks themselves and into the main book GM section. It’s also full of excellent advice for running the game and tons of tools for helping you control the narrative and making the world feel really alive. It’s absolutely one of the best ‘toolkit’ style game books I’ve ever had the privilege of reading and I can’t recommend it enough.

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