RPGaDay #24

1 minute


Day #24’s question was “Share a PWYW publisher that should be charging more”

Fundamentally this question should really be about the purchasers - if you believe something is worth more - then pay more if you are able to. Asking publishers to freeze out people from their product who can’t pay some arbitrary minimum when the publisher clearly values getting it into peoples hands (hence the PWYW) seems misguided.

So, what PWYW publisher should you be paying more money to? For me, it’s Evil Hat, primarily for the Fate Worlds product line. Their work is awesome, Fate is awesome and the Fate Worlds releases have been consistently diverse, interesting and of high quality. The other reason to support Evil Hat is because they are just all-round awesome people who really care about what they do - and they made Don’t Rest Your Head, one of my favourite games ever ;)

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