RPGaDay #23

2 minutes


Day #23’s question was “Which RPGs has the most jaw-dropping layout?”

This is really hard, because there have been some phenomenal work in this area.

4 RPGs really stand out to me as absolutely stunning though in terms of layout, typography, etc.


The Degenesis rulebooks are simply sublime. Beautifully illustrated, with rich art throughout used to great effect. The typography is off the charts. In terms of layout, it’s follows fairly traditional RPG layout tropes (a mix of 2 column and single column layout and full, half-page and spot illustrations), but it breaks the mould on occasion and wields these tools expertly to make a visually stunning book.

Mutant: Year Zero

The typography in the Mutant: Year Zero book is so good. The font choices are excellent and the organisation of everything is fantastic. It’s almost like reading a comic or graphic novel, but with more words. Again, it’s fairly typical in terms of traditional layout, just like Degenesis, but damn, is it pretty/

Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire is very clean and spacious in the majority of its design and it is nice a pleasant to read. Again, quite traditional in terms of layout, but it uses those traditions well and has lots of little stylistic flourishes that really help deliver a nice, consistent experience.


Numenera is gorgeous. The layout is wonderful, with a fairly traditional 2 column layout for the majority of content, but with the addition of a sizeable margin that is used for footnotes and crosslinks, which makes referencing things really easy. It’s a beautiful book full of beautiful art, and the limited edition leatherbound copy is even nicer. However, in terms of purely the layout, that simple addition of a margin for footnotes and reference really makes a huge difference.

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