RPGaDay #21

1 minute


Day #21’s question was “Which RPG does the most with the least words?”

I can’t think of any one thing that stands out as an excellent example of concise, effective writing. That isn’t to say that there are none, just that I can’t really narrow it down, especially with my memory, I can barely remember what each book I’ve read is like, having read many, many books by now.

So instead, I have to call out the 200 Word RPG Challenge, which is a fantastic thing for challenging creators to create games in 200 words or less. There have been some really excellent, compelling entries; some funny, silly entries; and games cover all sorts of semi-crunchy things to super light experiences some might not even qualify as ‘games’ in the traditional sense.

All the games are available to download on the site, so I highly recommend you go check them out! Hopefully one day I’ll find the time to write a few entries of my own - I’ve sadly always been too busy the last few years.

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