RPGaDay #19 and #20

2 minutes


Two for the price of one.

Day #19’s question was “Which RPG has the best writing?”

This is another question that is difficult to answer, and it’s different depending upon the metrics you are using to measure writing quality. I’m going to assume this question isn’t likely intended to be asking people to judge the editorial, grammatical and syntactical accuracy of an RPG book though :P

So what constitutes “best” then? I guess it’s down to what you enjoy the most, or find the most valuable. I could name plenty of games I’ve found frustrating to to vague rules writing, or poorly thought out organisation of content, but can I think of anything that truly stands out as good, solid writing, that is both helpful and interesting?

The Fate Core book definitely qualifies here I think. It’s well written, genuinely helpful in grasping the concepts of the game. It also has a nice, friendly style which helps prevent it from reading like a textbook - something important for a game book that has no built-in setting.

Day #20’s question was “What is the best source for out-of-print RPGs?”

This seems like a obvious answer really, and also not a particularly interesting question. The answer of course is either eBay or “the Internet”. I found a whole bunch of out-of-print Shadowrun 2nd Ed sourcebooks on eBay a long time ago and for everything else, a search around the internet for PDFs generally turns up something.

Another place is kickstarter. Tons of RPGs are being resurrected as new versions or reprints there. I got my copy of Burning Wheel due to a recent kickstarter.

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