RPGaDay #17

2 minutes


Day #17’s question was “Which RPG have you owned the longest but never played?”

Oh boy.

I own a lot of RPGs. I have probably somewhere approaching 1000 in my collection if I include the vast swathes of PDFs I have in addition to hard copies. The vast majority of them I’ve never played. Some I’ve never even read, which is bad, but I’m only one man with one set of eyes and I just haven’t found the time to read them all.

I don’t really keep a track of when I bought my games, so I can’t accurately gauge which one I’ve owned the longest, but one of the ones that sticks in my mind the most is Degenesis: Rebirth. When the translation of the original german version was announced by Catalyst Game Labs sometime around 2005-ish, I was pumped. The game sounded amazing and I really wanted it. But then it never really materialised beyond some quick start guides in 2007, then disappeared entirely. Fast-forward to 2015-ish and SIXMOREVODKA are publishing it and it looked, quite frankly, stunning. Easily the most beautiful set of RPG books I have ever seen. I’d pre-ordered them and one surprise day they arrived, than sat on a shelf and never got used because I could never find anyone interested in playing it (and I never felt confident enough to run it myself anyway because finding time to read the rules thoroughly was hard, especially when you know no players are waiting for you).

So while I’ve probably only own the game for a couple of years, it’s been in my heart for a lot longer and I’ve never been able to play it. Now I’ve found a local RPG group, I might try and learn the rules (and the settings details in more depth) and run a game!

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