RPGaDay #15

2 minutes


Day #15’s question was “Which RPG do you enjoy adapting the most?”

I’ve hacked on a couple of games, but the one I’ve always found easiest to hack on is the D6 System from West End Games, my first exposure to this system being their classic Star Wars RPG.

I’m not sure what it is about the system I find so welcoming to hacking, but I and friends of mine have found it easy to just start retooling it for any setting we want, or adding things into it for doing the things we need it to do.

The first time I hacked it, it was to create an RPG of Neal Asher’s Polity series, a sci-fi action extravaganza full of unfathomable aliens and high-technology, coupled with high-octane violence. I’d developed rules of augmentations and stuff like dragon-tech. Dragon even made an appearance in one of my games if I recall. Cat-adapts, golems, war drones, Old Captains. Pretty sure I had them all. Sadly I lost all my work (it was well over a decade ago I wrote all that), but I still have fond memories of building it.

And it was easy, really easy to get up and running with the D6 system. I didn’t have to fight it at all. I also like how easy it is to explain the basics of, which also made it easy to quickly get started playtesting.

I’ve not played a D6 system game in a long time now. I should pick it up again and see if it still has the charm and elegance of the version in my memory. Apparently it is all OGL and the PDFs are freely available, so I could even make something new based on the system. Hmm…

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