RPGaDay #11

1 minute


Day #11’s question is “Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?”

I don’t really know the answer to this. For me, dead games are either ones I’ve never played because I’ve never found a single person interested in them, old games I’ve never heard of (and thus don’t know about to be able to want to see reborn), or games I’ve played once a long time ago but never been able to play again due to lack of interest.

The thing is though, I liked those games as they were - I don’t want to change them, which inevitably what being ‘reborn’ entails, otherwise it’s merely a reprint.

So I guess I’ll reframe this as “What game would I like to see a sudden resurgence of interest in?”

This one is easy. I’d love to see Don’t Rest Your Head become popular and be able to regularly play games of it. I love the system, the kind of stories it enables and the setting. I could play that game all day - especially since I’ve actually never been a player in it - I’ve only ever run it for other people. Seeing that game making the rounds again and being able to get into a game would be lovely.

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