RPGaDay #10

2 minutes


Day #10’s question is “Where do you go for RPG reviews?”

Honestly? I don’t really go anywhere. I don’t read review sites or even really care that much about ‘reviews’ of RPGs. I guess if an RPG sounds interesting to me, then I just look for actual plays of it, or look for places other RPG designers are discussing it - because ultimately I want to know if it has any new or novel ideas in it.

The thing is, settings can be applied to any system. Sure, systems designed tightly couple with their setting (or the other way around) can give a really cool experience, but ultimately the ideas are transferable. Equally, as a GM who just isn’t interested in keeping a game ‘pure’ or playing strictly as intended in favour of playing for what I enjoy most, I’m not afraid to mix and match rules from multiple systems to build what I want when I want it at the table. When I run Numenera, I’m plucking ideas mechanically from PbtA games, from Fate, from other things that have taken my fancy or I feel help enable the narratives I’m interested in. Equally I’ll cherry pick parts of settings and ideas for NPCs, etc from whatever source I see fit.

So I guess I don’t really care much for reviews, because rarely do I ever end up playing games as a single isolated product, which they are typically reviewed as. Instead, every RPG product is a sourcebook for the same big RPG in my head that constantly evolves from the ideas I get exposed to.

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