RPGaDay #9

2 minutes


Day #9’s question is “What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?”

This kinda seems like a dumb question, since it really depends on tons of factors outside of the game itself (your group and it’s interests, session length, etc).

I’ve also probably never played a 10 session game (or at least, a game where we were counting). Every game I’ve ever played has either been “one or two sessions, tops” because it was intended to be a one-shot, or “whenever the story naturally concludes” because I’ve always played sandboxy campaigns and never really played much in the way of prewritten adventures.

So what makes a good game to play for about 10 sessions? I guess anything that provides good controls over the narrative arc of the story, that has tools for controlling pacing, or that has some kind of death spiral/progress clock built in that can be guaranteed to bring things to a conclusion in a fixed amount of time.

I’m not sure I’ve played any games like that. PbtA games have some tools that can assist with that. I hear good things about Mutant: Year Zero in that regard too. Misspent Youth and Psi*Run both have definite ‘halt-states’ the game progresses towards, but I’m not sure that can be made to last 10 sessions.

So I guess I don’t know - perhaps any game really that has prewritten adventures that have been well tested to gauge how many sessions they’d likely last. If your playing to a planned schedule of content, it’s much easier to estimate session counts. Many, many games have mid-to-large size campaigns written for them, D&D, Numenera, etc, so any of those would probably fit the bill.

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