RPGaDay #8

2 minutes


Day #8’s question is “What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2 hours or less?”

In my experience, only 3 have really fit the bill here, namely Microscope, Psi*Run, and A Penny For My Thoughts.


Microscope is a sort of anti-collaborative game where you build a historical timeline together. I say anti-collaborative, because while you build something together, you aren’t meant to discuss, plan or deliberately coordinate your actions. Two hours is probably cutting a session a bit fine unless you are playing quickly, but the cool thing about Microscope is that it’s easy to put down a game and return to it multiple times, every session enriching the timeline that much more.


Psi*Run is a game of amnesiac super-powered psychics fleeing some shadowy organisation chasing them. It’s starts off with a crash - some accidental escape - and then runs from there. The aim of the game is to recover your past and it ends as soon as a player answers all of the questions they wanted to answer at character generation.

Gameplay is fast and simple, using a sort of ‘result buying’ mechanic to choose which outcomes you want from the available dice rolls you have, creating some great tense moments where you have to choose between succeeding at your goal or letting the chasers catch up with you.

A Penny For My Thoughts

Played as a sort of fictional group therapy session, APFMT is a game about recovering memories after traumatic experiences. You play amnesiacs receiving an experimental therapy that allows you to telepathically pick up the suppressed memories of others.

Together, you help each other uncover your pasts, by writing memory triggers and exchanging pennies to buy which potential memories you like best from the other players offerings. It works super well for generating interesting (if often tragic) character backstories collaboratively.

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