RPGaDay #7

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Day #7’s question is “What was your most impactful RPG session”

Hmm, in all honestly, I can barely remember any of the games I’ve played, but I guess the death of my Lawful Evil Halfling Ranger, Daraja Dreyer, is probably the best contender.

Daraja never worked against the rest of the party, but was constantly under-suspicion and undermined, because his methods were morally questionable at best. However, he kept his darker, decidedly amoral activities well hidden and had positioned himself well as a benevolent man-of-the-people in the peasants quarter of the city from which they operated.

Anyway, in this session, things had come to a head. The party fighter had broken out of an asylum (he’d previously been possessed by a cursed sword) and Daraja, knowing that he would come for him, decided to earn more brownie points with the city guard (who he knew was investigating him due to his network of spies and the assumption that the rogue working for the city guard in their party also was suspicious) by leading the manhunt to bring him back.

That man hunt turned into a confrontation where the party chose their fighter over Daraja, and Daraja knew he’d have no chance to fulfil his plans because no matter how things turned out, the reputation he’d built would be tarnished by the others actions against him. The session turned into a game of Daraja pulling out all the secret things he’d put in place, carefully trying to separate the group, kill them at range (with assistance from his lackeys) and then using the magic rings he’d given them all - rings of protection with a command word activated hold-person, to kill them.

He got some killed, other locked in a wagon to be arrested (for assisting a fugitive), but he knew they’d pull strings and get out, so he used a fire breath potion to set the wagon on fire with them locked inside. It was a brutal, if not entirely unexpected, betrayal. And he succeeded. He killed everyone, almost…

And then the GM allowed for prayer from another player to her god to resurrect other members of the party and that was that. One guy who’d expended everything he had to get this far, had nothing left to use to fight against 2 fully restored characters, and he died.

I felt pretty cheated at the time, but damn, the raw emotion in that session. The hate, the despair, the anger at betrayal and the desperation for survival… I’ve never had a session like that before or since. Even if I felt a bit robbed at the outcome (and never wanted to even go against the other PCs like that in the first place, until they forced my hand), I’ll remember that session for a while.

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