RPGaDay #4

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Day #4’s question is “Which RPG have you played most since August 2016?”

This is a surprisingly hard one to answer. I’ve not had a lot of luck getting into games over the past year. However, the games that stick out most in my mind are the Blades in the Dark games I’ve run. I don’t actually remember how many sessions or how many different games of it I’ve run this year, but it feels like it’s the most common game of the last year.

That’s running it though, because I basically never get a chance to play it. If I take played strictly as being a player in a game, the only game I actually remember playing more than one or two sessions of is an Apocalypse World 2E game online with some friends, where I play a Faceless, a masked weirdo in a world made up of disused subway systems below a dangerous, blasted surface world known only as “The Gap” (you should mind the gap, get it?).

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