RPGaDay #3

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Day #3’s question is “How do you find out about new RPGs?”

I tend to find out about new RPGs via three sources: Twitter, Kickstarter and Google Plus.

There are a whole bunch of RPG designers and roleplayers on twitter, and I follow a whole bunch of them, so I’m often seeing recommendations or advertisements for new games. A quick way to find people talking about RPGs on twitter is simply to search for the #rpg hashtag.

Kickstarter is also a great source for finding out about RPGs. The Tabletop Games category tends to hold most of the new projects popping up on there, as well as boardgames (many of which I’ve backed on there too). You can also follow me on kickstarter to see what things I’m backing.

G+ has tons of RPG communities on there, both for designers and players, for games in general and for specific genres, systems or locations. One of the larger ones I subscribe to is the G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games community, but it’s easy to find all sorts of communities on there using the search.

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