RPGaDay #2

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Day #2’s question is “What RPG would you like to see published?”

Well, this is a tricky one as someone who is current writing a couple of RPGs. Ideally, I’d like to see them published someday - when I finally get around to finishing them!

There are 3 projects of mine, all in various states of development as I flip between them:


Emberheart is a super-bleak, dying world RPG where there is no saving the world, nowhere to go and the only hope people have is to be happy and die before the world collapses around them.

Set inside the body of a dead god, the setting is one of divine flesh, bone and blood, and of being the now irrelevant caretakers of that body, it’s parasites or those creatures that burrowed in from outside, seeking an escape from the outside known as the Cold Dark.

Only one city remains, Emberheart, built around the fading embers of the divine heart. Full of refugees from elsewhere in the body, it is a city awaiting the time it becomes a graveyard, stretching ever closer to the Emberheart, struggling to in vain to hold on to the last remnants of hope in their doomed world.


Set in the near future where anonymous criminal enterprises have setup a seasteaded offshore platform in international waters known as The Dockyards, players take on the role of workers employed by the mysterious, anonymous benefactors of the platform itself. As enforcers, scientists, labourers and security, the dockworkers have a strange role in a platform that prides itself in being lawless and ruled only by anarcho-capitalist principals.

You can get anything you want, no matter how foul, how immoral, from the Dockyards if you can find a seller. It is a monstrous place and not every worker is where willingly. How will you fit in? How will you fight the powers that put you here or feed the greed that drew in? Surrounded by so much amoral anarchy, can you hold onto your own personal ethics? Or will you lose yourself in an endless series of compromises?


The paranormal is real. At least, there is another place, beneath our reality, that bleeds into our own in ways we may describe as ghosts or psychic abilities that we now call the Aether. It is far more than that, however, and scientists figured out how to use it is an instant, infinite-distance communications system, the world changed forever. Cybernetics, psychic abilities, genetic engineering. Technology accelerated at an unprecedented rate until everyone had an embedded Aetheric Transducer, the AT technology that connected you at all times to the Aethernet.

And then the demons came. The Aether wasn’t empty, you see, and one day they poured in down our connections straight into our computers, our heads, our souls. The war nearly destroyed us, but the massive factions saved us, the Technocracy with it focus on the artificial, the Aetherics with their psychic mastery and the Mendelians with their expertise in all things biological came together, 3 massive conglomerates all joined in aid of a single goal - stopping the flood.

They succeeded, at a cost. They created Triad, the first hivemind consciousness, born of the leading stars of all three factions. It acted as a firewall, holding the demons at bay, but also as a tyrant, enforcing its alien will on all of us, knowing that we had no choice if we wanted it to hold back the tide.

Now the factions rules everything, all powerful except for the alien will of Triad.

Players take on the roles of agents of Triad, acting both for their own interest and in the interest of their Patron faction. However, the factions have their fingers in every pie and no one person is powerful enough to do anything without calling in favours or selling their soul. Beholden to powers impossibly greater than you can ever hope to oppose, what side do you fall on and what games will you play to get what you want?

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