Prompt 9: concept, fantasy

A farm girl volunteers to join the militia when the Kingdom sends out a call to arms to help it stand against an approaching evil. The militia, led by a band of renown heroes face up against the evil forces but are defeated. In the struggle, the farm girl picks up a sword of one of the fallen heroes before fleeing with her family to a neighbouring kingdom.

As it turns out, the sword is a magical, intelligent item. Unfortunately, it is also cursed. Whoever picks up the sword is magically welded to it forever and can never let it go for any reason. The sword is a grumpy, sarcastic and somewhat bitter entity and becomes the girls mentor, trying to train her to be decent warrior, but she wants none of it and just wants to avoid the evil forces and keep her family safe, especially after the slaughter she saw during her term in the militia.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The invasion was a ruse to draw out the heroes. The leader of the evil forces wants the sword because it’s an ancient artefact and has been privy to secrets long since forgotten that this leader wants. Secrets that could give the leader far more power than the mere control of a single army and rule of a single kingdom. The leader is hunting for the sword and so no matter where she runs, the farm girl will always be in the leader’s sights until either they get the sword or she dies and it is claimed by someone else.

The story that follows is the tale of a reluctant heroine thrust into a situation she has no control over by the cruel circumstances of fate, egged on by a sarcastic, grumpy mentor.

Ideas for scenes could include:

The sword deliberately trying to get her killed by a better, more worthy person of the sword so it has a better chance.

Getting into bad situations because she can’t hide/drop her weapon.