Prompt 8: concept, title, kafka-esque psychological thriller office drama

Cubicle 14

Steven is desperate for a new job, so when he finally lands a random data entry position at some faceless firm he has never heard of, he jumps at the opportunity.

However, when he arrives and is assigned to cubicle fourteen, he is given a sheet of meaningless numbers and an ancient computer and left to his own devices. He never sees the managers but hears them through the intercoms, he has no guidance on what to do for his job whatsoever and every question he asks is batted away due to his colleagues being either busy or answering him with evasive, well-meaning but ultimately useless answers. The office environment descends into an almost feral battle for survival against confusion, self-doubt, office politics, the fear of an unknowable but absolute authority and the realisation that Steven hasn’t been home at all since he started or at least, he can no longer remember leaving…