Prompt 6: Concept, comedy, diary

A young person decides they want to become a super-villain. However, it’s not as easy as it appears to be in the comic books.

There are no volcano-lairs for sale and even if there were, how the hell does anyone ever afford one? The logistics alone are staggering. The legal issues nigh-on insurmountable. Ridiculous amounts of money would be needed to fund everything, not to mention henchmen and henchwomen. How would you even hire them, what about labour laws? What about actually carrying out any real villainy? The government would have the authorities or even the army down on you for a national event, the world for an international one - how could one person succeed in that?

The story follows the diary of a young person as they attempt to overcome these odds and solve these problems in the real world where superheroes and super-villains don’t exist and falling in toxic waste just kills you instead of giving you super powers.

Lots of fun stuff to play with such as young person naivety, coming-of-age, dealing with real world responsibility. Compromise. Sulking. Lucky breaks and nasty setbacks.