Prompt 18; prophecy, dreams, horror, plot fragment

Alex is standing on a train station platform, waiting for a train. A train goes through, non-stopping. People start moving towards the platform edge, walk right into side of moving train. Alex panics, tries to get help but people are now crowding behind him, all pushing towards the speeding train. Alex tries to resist, fight, but he can’t and gets pushed into the train, his skull smashed, flesh torn, screaming agony as he is rammed against the side of the speeding train.

Cut scene to yelling. Being dragged away from a person being operated on in a hospital operating room.

“Is he alright?”

“Alex are you okay?”

“Get him out of the operating room! Now! Jesus! We’re losing the patient!”

Cut to admin office. Sat at desk opposite hospital administrator.

“What the hell happened back there Alex? You’re lucky the patient was a John Doe, otherwise we could be in a crapstorm right now. I’m suspending your license pending full investigation and ordering you to see a therapist.”

Cut to 2 years later. Lost job, incident covered up to protect the hospital’s reputation. Alex is working on the docks as a labourer. He catches the train home. Things look familiar somehow, then it starts happening, the hallucinations that got him fired and killed a patient become real. As he is about to be pushed into the train, someone grabs Alex, pulls him up into a ceiling vent.