Prompt 17: concept; thriller, comedy, religion, conspiracy

There have been many predictions about the second coming of Christ but none of them have happened yet. Or perhaps, it did happen and it was covered up.

Angelvine Vineyards is the largest, most successful producer of wine in the world. Their products are everywhere and universally they received perfect reviews from all connoisseurs of wine across the globe. In the industry, their power is absolute and their profits huge - for a privately owned company their scope and influence is unmatched.

However, Angelvine’s shadowy cabal of directors have a dark secret. Christ did return to Earth back in 1982 and for the last 30 years, Angelvine has kept him secret from the world, locked away and forced to turn water into wine for them for their own selfish profit and denied the chance to bring about a new age for mankind.

Now, their secret is about to come out. Disgraced wine critic and historian Marshal Defoe has been looking into Angelvine for some time, trying to find a reason for their ‘too-good-to-be-true’ success. One day, he is contacted by a priest of a secretive order. Through the miracle of transubstantiation, they have discovered a message hidden in a bottle of Angelvine communion wine, a clue that points to something strange going on within the company, the church and an ancient prophecy about the end of the world.

Is this just the chance Marshal needs to finally regain the respect he lost to his obsession with taking down Angelvine? Together Marshal and the church work to solve the mystery, save the world and, most importantly, once and for all prove that Marshal’s opinion that Angelvine’s wines really aren’t all that great isn’t as mad as the industry says it is.

Yes, this is clearly a parody of the Da Vinci code, et al in several respects.