Prompt 14: title/concept, horror, fantasy


Kal Malik was the most feared sorcerer of the Outer Kingdoms, he began his life as a healer, a follower of the god Hath, the keeper of the body and champion of wholeness and unity. Something turned in him though, something changed and his faith took on a darker path. As the years passed, he reigned a war of terror across the kingdoms in his mad quest for the unity, to become on earth as Hath was himself upon the mountains of the heavens. Dragging man, woman and child from their beds and fusing them into him, a twisted being of mangled flesh, growing ever larger. Fuelled by the souls of his victims, he grew ever larger and more powerful, his flesh-smithing knew no equal, no opponent could stand against him.

Seeing that they would fall to the same fate if they did not intervene, the denizens of the Inner Kingdoms rose up to smite him down. It took almost two centuries of war, fighting against the Colossus, as they called him in the Inner tongue, before he was finally defeated. The next twenty years the best practitioners of the Collegiate worked upon his corpse to free his victims who, even in their host’s death, were still very much alive, trapped in a maze of flesh and madness. Eventually, with the help of their strange machines and ungodly magicks, they were all freed and returned to their homelands, but much had changed in two centuries and most were shunned, feared they would turn against them, that they were forever tainted by the foul union Malik had inflicted upon them.

Hath’s name became hated, Kal’s madness poisoning his name to all but the most devout priests who were driven out by the common folk.

When their work was done, those of the Inner Kingdom left, sealing the gates to the Outer kingdom behind them. They did not like to be interfered with by the lower people and with the threat erased, they left again behind their walls, to do whatever it was they did in their secret place.

Jen is one of the Separated. One of the early victims, two whole centuries have passed. Everyone he ever knew or loved is dead and those that know of his past shun him, afraid of what he might become.

However, he has made a life for himself on the furthest reaches of the Outer Kingdoms. He has taken a wife, raised three beautiful children and the town folk are none the wiser to his past. It’s as perfect as it can be, after what he went through, but now something is happening.

He has an urge to be somewhere, a feeling he has to meet people, that others are waiting for him from his past. He feels it coming, the urge gnawing in his brain like a starving rat. A reunion. The Separated are coming together, drawn by something far older than Kal, something in the blood, something in the head and the heart.

Jen has a life now and he can’t give it up, he wont, not for this, not to start the cycle of horror all over again. His only chance to keep his new life is to journey across the Outer Kingdoms with his family and seek help beyond the Inner gates.

But no-one has ever crossed from the Outer to the Inner kingdoms and the doors have never opened again since they closed all those years ago. But the denizens of the Inner Kingdoms, they are the only ones that can help him, if anyone can. Jen must journey beyond the wall before he finds himself at a reunion that could herald the end of everything.