Prompt 13: title/concept, horror

## Train

Jason is a hard worker, he does a long commute every day and sinks almost half of his earnings into the cost of his commute, a journey that adds almost a full six hours to his work day every day. It’s tough, but he does it anyway. In this economy, he can’t afford not to. However, he is finally taking some well earned and most needed holiday and is taking the journey home on the train back home where he will get to spend a glorious two weeks work free with his wife and son.

However, Jason falls asleep on the train and when he wakes up, he finds he’s still on it, but something is wrong. The signs show nothing. Every advertisement is a blank sheet, colours seem muted, grey but worst of all are his fellow passengers. They are all asleep, or so it seems until he reaches out to touch one of them and they crumble as if made of dust. Outside the train is perfect blackness, no lights of any kind, not even moonlight. Everything is eerily silent except for the rhythmic pulse of the train as it passes over each rail.

Jason needs to find out what is going on. Something tells him he doesn’t want to be on the train when it reaches its destination but equally, something tells him that the darkness outside could be something worse.

Much, much worse.