Prompt 12: title and concept, chick-lit, drama, romantic-comedy

Deep Fillings

Jennifer has finally made it and achieved her dream - she managed to open her own sandwich shop. However, things aren’t quite as peachy as she’d imagined. She could only afford a place in a bad part of town and another sandwich shop two blocks over seems to have it in for her. Sales aren’t going as well as hoped, even when she makes the best sandwiches this side of the city.

When she befriends a local prostitute and the local pimp starts getting rough with his girls, Jennifer has an idea to open the first sandwich shop/bordello, to draw in more customers for both her and the prostitutes and to provide them all with a safe place to operate and when things get busy, the girls even help out in the shop.

Soon her store becomes more popular than she imagined as word spreads, but nothing is ever easy. The pimp wants his girls back and Crusty’s declares all out war and isn’t afraid to fight dirty - not to mention trying to balance relationships with being a madam and running a sandwich shop.