Prompt 10, blurb; music, sci-fi, thriller

A bio-musicologist researching psychoacoustic techniques for helping coma victims is almost killed when the lab he works in is attacked after he discovers some disturbing trends in his research.

He survives but is left partially deaf. He can no longer perform his research as effectively (what with most of it being stolen and his lack of hearing) so the company he worked for lays him off.

Then, he starts seeing evidence of his research being used in the media. Through his lost studies, he had discovered something he called harmonic limbic resonance and that, while complicated beyond anyone’s ability to create, music could be created that directly targeted specific areas of the human nervous system, creating emotional states, affecting memory, even stopping autonomic system like the heartbeat. It was a deep area of study on his way to finding a music-based therapy for coma victims, but now it seemed it was being used by whoever had stolen it for nefarious ends.

As dark  forces start taking over the country, he is the only one that can stop them.

It’s time to face the music.


Fun stuff to do with corporate espionage, spies, murder and assassination. Evil bad guys, world domination, etc all on the cards, though perhaps something more sane and low-key, like manipulating people en masse  for personal gain and profit. Morality, disability, and music are all strong themes, as is revenge, music science and of course comas. Lots of fun ideas to play with.