Entries for the Protagonize 2011 Winter Poetry Tournament

Title: It’s a Woman’s World

Animal: Ant

I have no father, I can have no son

My mother as parent’s the only one

My chromosomes lacking, while my mother has two

It’s just one for us guys, I suppose that’ll do.

In this woman’s world, a man’s life is short

Only to die for the pheromone court

Born, eat, fly. We mate then die.

It’s three weeks of awesome, being a guy.

Entry 2 - Untitled

I fear myself, the suppressed hate

Never free from fury’s gaze

Forever lurking in the dark

Ugliness, inside my heart

Rage, that blackened fountain head

It sends forth a flood of red

And clouds my judgement, never soundly

Terrified as rage surrounds me

In that place, my eyes above

Overhead I watch my wrath, detached

No self; replaced by a psychopath 

Title: A Well Run Dry

Event: Drought

The lands run acrid, dry and bare, forlorn of verdant greenery

Rancor permeates my heart

Prevaricates, the sky and river, my land’s true form of scenery

Let us pray to whom thou art

Nothing: censure for our words, our lives fall apart

There is no salvation

No tutelage, no rescue, my congregation now dispart

No precipitation

Dust and dirt and misery, malnutrition, dehydration

Philomaths no longer be

These lessons are too harsh to learn, of suffering, of deprivation

We’d take ignorance blissfully

My flock wilts before the sun, almost risible it is to see

Them slaver for the merest sips

Like dogs, mouths dark and florid, thirsting for commodity

With cracking lips

And I can only watch or pray, as land and dream all turn to rips

Hope, barely a scart

We can only wait, in God’s cruel irony, whilst like water ‘twixt our fingertips

Our lives depart

Title: The Road to Hell

Sin: Pride

On a dark path you tread
To the pits where the sinners fry
With a heart of glory running red

Leaving thoughts of others in your stead
Sacrificed at the altar of I;
On a dark path you tread

The most deadly of all, it has been said
The great instigator, the slithering spy

With a heart of glory running red

That snake, he traps your mind inside your head
Blinding you to all but self; raised up high

On a dark path you tread
To hell, this road has led

On which the lesser people you pass by
With a heart of glory running red

Puffed up, to your own self you’re wed
Uncaring, you chose that route and can’t deny
On a dark path you tread
With a heart of glory running red