Rusthaven: Coming Soon

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I previous said I’d be disappointed if it took all the way until June or beyond to get Rusthaven launched, and disappointed I am. Life has thrown a few curve balls and things have gotten in the way. It’s been a learning experiences but now we are almost there.

At present, layout and artwork are complete. Editing is complete and a final proof-reading is in the works. Once that is completed, the PDF needs to be bookmarked for easy navigation and it is good to go! After which I will prepare the PDF for physical prints (this is already in progress and the separate wrap-around cover is already done. If all goes well, it should be available digital-only in less than 2 weeks, with the print version available maybe a month or so after if nothing major goes wrong.

What Else is Happening?

While Rusthaven has been going on, I’ve been thinking about how to support it into the future. I’m planning a new generator for Iron Wind effects and I’ll making a web-based, automated generator for the rust-cyphers from the book. I may also make a quick ‘Iron-touched’ generator, and add the new Rusthaven descriptors and foci to my character generator as well.

I’ve also written a couple of playable alien species, the Tvornica and the Shardfolk, for the Sector Agents setting in the latest CypherCaster magazine. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Cypher Caster Magazine

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