Rusthaven: Progress Update

2 minutes

Rusthaven is still being worked on. Currently artwork is still coming in and some last few bits of writing are coming together. A final editing/proofing pass is scheduled and then layout needs to be finalised. For the PDF release, bookmarks and crosslinks need to be put in place (a laborious and time consuming procedure) and for the Print release, proof copies need to be ordered and the full cover art finished.

I was hoping that things would be closer to completion at this point, but sadly various things have come up and a March release (certainly for print, if not the PDF as well) is looking unlikely. I don’t want to put a date on when things should be finalised, but I’ll be extremely disappointed if it isn’t completed and in peoples hands by June at the absolute latest.

So, while all these things have been delayed, what have I been doing? I’ve been working on getting some of the art orders right but mostly I’ve been working on layout and additional writing. As editing has progressed, things have changed and layout has needed redoing. Part of this process created holes that needed filling, so you have the editing process to thank for the creation of 2 additional descriptors to fill the gaps! Other parts are being rewritten where it was decided a particular focus had some consequences to it’s abilities that lead to a lot of boring time out for a player, which while flavoursome, isn’t really that fun to play. These kinks are being smoothed out while waiting for artwork to come in and the layout is flowing around it to suit. Also being written as a whole load of asides and footnotes. Currently nearly every page has some kind of side-note, reference or other expansion upon the main body text, but there are still a few more to go.

Next update, I’ll reveal a little bit about some of the history of Rusthaven, the town from which the sourcebook takes its name.

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