RPGaDay 2015 #30 - Favourite RPG playing celebrity

1 minute

I dunno. I don’t really follow celebrities, their lives or news about them so I don’t really know any except Wil Wheaton because he very actively puts himself out there, specifically catering to the roleplaying gamer audience.

I’ve never met Wil, but he generally seems like a pretty cool guy and he’s done an awful lot to really shine a positive light on our shared hobby. Most people don’t even know roleplaying is a thing or if they do, imagine the worst without giving it a chance. Wil has done a really great job of showing people tabletop roleplaying games can be fun for all kinds of people and that it’s not something abnormal or shameful. And of course beyond roleplaying games, other tabletop games like boardgames have really benefited from his show Tabletop too.

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