RPGaDay2015 #22 - Perfect Gaming Environment

2 minutes

My perfect gaming environment doesn’t exist, since it would effectively be the Matrix - a shared telepathic space where we could do anything we imagined. Since that’s not really possible, a more real-world plausible answer follows.

I’d love a big, empty room with a nice, soft floor and bean bags or similar dotted around, a well-stocked fridge and an adjoining bathroom. No phones/tablets/etc allowed, the room has a built-in computer and projector with all the game info it needs for whatever you want to play, so it can project things you need onto the centre of the floor without people needing to get distracted by their tech. It would have a camera and mic for voice and gesture control so you can quickly interact with it when searching for stuff. Maybe some specialised tablets (no apps, internet access, just slaved to the computer to privately search info and display character sheets, etc). It’s just a simple, distraction-free, relaxing space to explore a game world in together. No needing to worry about equipment, no needing to care about fitting stuff on a table or fitting around it, no need to care about not having access to the knowledge you need.

I think Microsoft’s hololens technology could be where it’s at. Everyone could get a hololens and using a shared, empty space in the middle of the floor, we can all see a virtual rendering of things like maps, pictures, dice, etc. No need for physical items, we can live entirely within the theatre of the mind and use the virtual world to help illustrate things and interact with the game in a way that’s hard to do just through vocal communication.

The cool thing is that all of that is entirely possible with today’s technology, as long as you are rich enough in both time and money to be able to set it all up. I’m not, but this I why it’d be my perfect space - a guy can dream.

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