RPGaDay2015 #15 - Longest Campaign Played

2 minutes

Without a doubt, this goes to the game I recently dropped out of. A long term D&D 3.0 game, the campaign has been going on and off for 10 years, set in the Fighting Fantasy setting of Titan. Yes, strictly 3.0, never upgrading to the 3.5 stuff. That caused some pain but also prevented us from going nuts on all the 3.5 expansions.

The campaign was split into 2 main phases. In the first phase we played up until about level 15. The game was getting silly at this point because D&D’s power-scale is basically broken after about level 6 and unless you’re fighting hordes of demons or demigods, nothing is really worth your time. This constant escalation of power ended up making the game feel too over-the-top so we rebooted into the second phase, set 10 years after the closing events of the first (where we had saved our hometown, kind of, from becoming a giant portal into the Abyss).

The second phase was all new level 1 characters, playing in the rebuilt city (funded by what turned out to be vampire dragon people). Our old characters were dead, had gone their separate ways or were otherwise somewhere else except one who had become one of the head mages of the city.

I eventually bailed out on the campaign after my character died under circumstances I wasn’t really very happy about, plus the beginnings of the same power-escalation that made the first phase of the game start to feel dull.

That said, it was a lot of fun and it’s still on-going without me. My posts of Daraja Dreyer were from the second phase of this campaign and my longest held, longtime character “Hextor ‘The T is Silent’ Francis”, fighter/monk, is still one of my most fondly remembered characters to this day.

It’s mad to think almost a decade of my life has been spent inhabiting that world and those characters. Richard the semi-racist Elf and country-bumkin paladin, Hextor the fighter/monk, Wren the gender-fluid lesbian beguiler/master of many forms, Grizwald the awakened Grizzly Bear monk, Daraja the neutral evil eco-terrorist ranger; it’s been quite a ride, but I’m not sure I can really enjoy the kinds of games I find D&D naturally leans towards, at least with my local group. This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with D&D or how we play/played it, just that it’s no longer the kind of game I want to play.

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