RPGaDay 2015 #14 – Favourite RPG Accessory

2 minutes

Well, this is a surprisingly tough one. I did think I didn’t really deal much in accessories, but when I think about it, I actually have a quite a few, even excluding dice.

The Numenera Reliquary Boxset has a number of accessories in it and counts as one all by itself as a useful container. The playmat is awesome both as a game aid due to the helpful tables on it but also as a nice dice rolling mat.

I have an awesome dice bag from the lovely people at All Rolled Up that fits pens, pencils and of course dice, as well as a small notebook or pack of cards.

Speaking of notebooks, I have this awesome foldable, dry-erase map, plain on one-side and covered with a number of faint map markings (1in grid, 1cm grid, hex grid, etc). It’s been really useful and fits nicely inside my ARU pouch.

There are also a couple of accessories I haven’t had chance to use properly yet, either due to lack of time, lack of in-person games or lack of actually having a physical version of the product. To be precise, these are two card-based, the first being Plotbuilder, a project I backed on Kickstarter. This is a series of cards designed to help you build plots on the fly. I’ve not had a chance to use them in a game, but I’ve used them when writing a story and found them pretty useful.

Next is Non-Player Cards, my own kickstarter project for building NPCs on the fly. I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post more than once so I won’t go into it again, but suffice to say I’ve already found it useful using it in online games from the PDFs and in writing. Plus the artwork is awesome and is often a big inspiration just by itself.

It’s hard to pick a favourite out of the above, but I think I’ve probably had the most use out of the ARU pouch - without it I likely would never have bought the Notebook, just because that would have been yet another thing to carry, but the ARU lets me keep everything conveniently in one place.

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