RPGaDay 2015 #12 - Favourite RPG Illustration

2 minutes

Considering I’m not really one who pays a huge amount of attention to illustrations (that’s not to say I don’t appreciate them, but they tend to be background details of a larger whole rather than individual pieces of art I appreciate separately from an RPG product), this is surprisingly hard to narrow down.

I could cheat and pick a piece of artwork from Non-Player Cards. Eren Arik’s work for us on them has been phenomenal and there are some specific pieces I’d love to have on my wall, let alone in NPC!

However, NPC isn’t an RPG per se, more of a GM tool, an RPG accessory, if you will, so I’ll skip it for this one.

I find myself torn between a few RPGs, some of which aren’t even released yet. One I’ve been watching for a while with anticipation (and the hipe they will release an English translation) is Degenesis, a post-apocalyptic RPG. The artwork in it is stunning and from what I’ve read about it so far, I’m extremely interested. However, it’s really hard to pick a favourite bit of art from it, and since it’s not released yet, there is certainly unrevealed artwork which I haven’t seen. Therefore it’s somewhat difficult to pick a favourite from it.

Scavengers has fantastic, fun artwork in a cartoony style that really sells the mad-cap looting atmosphere of the sci-fi RPG focused on salvaging spaceships for profit. Again, it’s not released yet though so it’s hard to pick a favourite without seeing everything.

Following the cartoony illustration theme, I think my favourite probably has to be the illustrations from Do: Temple of the Flying Pilgrims. Like Scavengers, the artwork really speaks from the heart of the game, giving you a feel for what it’s about and the kind of fun you can expect from it. My favourite piece in particular is only shown (albeit only as a small image) on their website. I think that piece in particularly was done by Liz Radtke.

Honourable mentions go to Kieran Yanner’s work on Numenera. I think the cover illustration of the Numenera corebook really collects a number of things about Numenera in one place that make it what it is and presents in a cool almost movie poster-style way. I really like the art style as well, but in the end Do’s artwork won out.

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