RPGaDay 2015 #11 - Favourite RPG Writer

2 minutes

I’m one of those strange ducks that seems to have almost never played or run, any pre-written adventures by anyone for any system. As such, I’ve never really paid a lot of attention to the writers because by and large for rule books and settings books, there are usually multiple writers involved (not to say that isn’t the case for adventures too) and you can’t easily point at one part of it and say “this person wrote this”.

Consequently, this makes it quite hard for me to pick a favourite writer because I’m really not that familiar with any of them. The only two writers that really come to mind are Monte Cook and Shanna Germain, both of Monte Cook Cames. Monte’s work I’ve been exposed to through Numenera primarily and I’ve run a few adventures from that (parts of the Devils Spine, Seedship, the Vortex and the Nightmare Switch). I’ve also read most of Ptolus, which is as fascinating as it is in-depth. The writing has been solid on every occasion I can remember reading it, but I’m hard-pressed to think of a specific instance that really blew me away.

Shanna on the other hand has written a few things that I’ve very much enjoyed. I’ve read some of her non-RPG fiction and poetry before which I’ve enjoyed and though I’m only really familiar with her Numenera RPG writing, I’ve found the Numenera books a pleasure to read throughout. What really stands out to me though is her Numenera fiction. I thoroughly enjoy the short stories she’s released in Tales from the Ninth World and the other ones I recently read in the book included in my Numenera Reliquary Boxset. Which for the purposes of this post, crowns her as my Favourite RPG Writer.

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