RPGaDay #10 - Favourite RPG Publisher

2 minutes

There are a lot of publishers out there but I couldn’t say I pay that much attention to the publisher as a whole - my focus tends to be on individual projects and on the creators of said project. That said, two publishers stand out to me, one because it’s close to my heart and the other because I’ve been consistently blown away by the quality of just about everything I’ve ever seen by them.

The first is Metal Weave Games. I’ve worked with Metal Weave Games and through them worked on a number of Numenera supplements and published the Non-Player Cards kickstarter project. Andreas, the guy behind the curtain, is a great guy and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner on Non-Player Cards or on any of the other projects we’ve worked on together. MWG is only a small publisher just starting out, but it’s good people who care about what they are doing.

Next up is Modiphius. I’m just constantly blown away by the quality of their work. Fragged Empire looks stunning, Mutant: Year Zero equally so. I haven’t played either yet, so I can’t speak as to their involvement with the gameplay side of things, but their products are certainly visually stunning with excellent layout and typography, in my humble opinion. They also seem like cool people in person, based on the brief interactions I’ve had with some of the people manning their stand at the UK Games Expo.

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