Lots of Numenera Goodness

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Lots of stuff has been happening in the Ninth World lately and it’s all pretty exciting!

First of all, I finally received my Numenera Reliquary Boxset, and holy crap is it one nice piece of kit. Photos can’t really do it justice, some things you need to hold in your hands to really appreciate the quality of them, but I was absolutely blown away but it.

Numenera Reliquary Boxset

Next up is the CypherCaster community content magazine.

Disclaimer: I'm kind of on the 'board' for creating it, but I've not contributed anything to it yet.

CypherCaster is a magazine for all things Cypher System. It’s full of fiction, adventures, articles, interviews, artwork and tools created for the community, by the community. It’s a very modest $4 and well worth the cost if you ask me. Issue #1 was released a while ago, and Issue #2 only just came out and Issue #3 is due out in September.


Finally, big news on the Monte Cook Games front, they’ve launched another Numenera Kickstarter! This time they’re taking Numenera into space, beneath the oceans and outside of reality entirely with a new line of Numenera products. I’m super-excited, especially now since one of the stretch goals is a full-length Numenera novel by Shanna Germain!

Into the Ninth World Kickstarter

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