RPGaDay #6 - Most Recent RPG Played

2 minutes

The most recent game in which I’ve been a player, and that’s actually been active, as a new game recently started up on RPGGeek by my friend and colleague Karl Larsson (the very same one who created Scavengers).

The game in question is using the GUMSHOE system, an investigative RPG I’ve long been interested in playing but have never had the opportunity to. It’s one of those systems that seems so fundamentally different from other games that I just haven’t ever felt confident enough to run it myself to see what all the fuss is about, not without seeing first-hand how it’s “meant” to be run/played. Consequently, I’m quite excited about the game!

The game specifically is Night’s Black Agents, an espionage/spy-thriller-type game with a supernatural twist, namely vampires. This game is particularly interesting in that it’s not a fixed adventure per se, but driven from our investigation into something known as the Dracula Dossier, an original, unedited copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, annotated by a number of what seems to be agents across multiple time periods confirming some kind of involvement with (and confirmation of the existence of) Dracula.

We’ve barely begun playing but the dossier is super interesting, though so far hard to make any sense of (which is part of the fun). I’m interested to see what happens!

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