RPGaDay #3 - Favourite new game in the last 12 months

1 minute

I’m not sure I’ve actually played or run anything that was new in the last 12 months. I would say Numenera, but that isn’t really new anymore considering it was only 2013 when it was first released. Every game I’ve played has either been Numenera or D&D3.0 since then, or Fiasco none of which are new in general nor new to me specifically. I have picked up a bunch of new RPGs in the last 12 months, but I’ve barely even had time to read the books, let alone play or run them.

I guess the only thing new to me I’m playing recently, is Traveller: Classic. I picked up the books in a Bundle of Holding and I have to say, I really like the elegant simplicity of them and the “life path” system. I’m currently running a play by post game using the rules (but not really the setting) and while it’s early days yet, I’ve very much enjoyed the rules and character generation.

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