D&D: Hunting Your Friends for Fun and Profit

3 minutes

So Daraja has had things work out quite nicely for him. Alphonse was found guilty of attempted murder against him. Sadly, at the last minute his uncle showed up and offered to stand down as a paladin of St. Cuthbert in exchange for leniency.

As a result, he was sentenced as criminally insane and sent to the nut-house. Which as it turns out was run by less than reputable folks that were torturing people rather than actually treating them (though for mediaeval mental health care, not sure there was much of a difference).

Alphonse escaped while Daraja was securing his position with the City Watch and celebrating the fact a dangerous murderer out to get him was brought to justice. Alphonse, with the help of the rest of the party, then fled the city. Eventually Daraja found out what had happened and the shady people at the mental hospital offered him a lot of money to make their embarrassing problem “go away” - basically to assassinate Alphonse. So what did Daraja do?

He went to the City Watch, reported the hospital to the Captain, then got a legitimate writ from the City granting him permission to hunt down Alphonse. He also took the opportunity to, with the now lack of a mental hospital in the city, offer to spend his court settlement on founding and building a new, better hospital and mental treatment centre and put that into motion.

Daraja soon learnt that the others had helped him escape, so he reported them too and got a writ of bounty for hunting down Elowen, the already suspended City Watch sergeant (the others were not included on the bounty). Gathering his team of rangers he’d been training, Daraja set out on the hunt.

At this point, with backup and the law on his side, plus the fact he came across road-wardens that offered assistance, he quickly captured Elowen (though sadly didn’t have an opportunity to kill her, so just took all her belongings and set her, hog-tied, back to the city with a warden). Soon, his band caught up with the others. He offered them a chance to surrender, they refused, multiple times, so he shot Alphonse’s uncle dead (16 level 1 rangers, plus Daraja all firing tend to get a lot of hits), then he burned the body in a make shift funeral pyre as a quick mark of respect for a dead paladin. The hunt then continued, but the rest of the party were now on foot.

Some magical darkness later, the two wagons full of rangers were broken, but they managed to move in on the others. A battle ensued and all the ranger died eventually, but not before several of the team were badly hurt whilst Daraja was safe and sound sniping from the shadows.

The session ended mid-combat, the one party member Daraja thought might be on his side betrayed him, but luckily he is a long range away behind a big Entanglement spell, so no-one will reach him any time soon. Looking forward to the next session where hopefully he can snipe, snipe, snipe and kill those that have constantly stood in his way and questioned his morals.

Ironic really, that those so called do-gooders of the party, are the criminals and fugitives that have now murdered 16 innocent rangers that were trying to bring them to rightful, legitimate justice under the law. The wardens know it and they are coming to help. Daraja knows it. The Watch Captain knows it. Daraja is completely in the right here and even if he can’t kill them all, he has the law on his side and the resources of the City to call on now.

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